Slow News 1: Physicians perform phonectomy

Character in bathtub by C.P.Richards

This week physicians at the International Institute of Not Doing Much performed the first phonectomy. Both patient and phone are in stable condition.

Gertrude Puffery, a notable neo-narcissist, was suffering from CSD (Compulsive Selfie Disorder). In extreme cases, the patient loses all contact with her surroundings.

“She wasn’t eating or sleeping,” said Ms. Foghorn, her colleague at the School of Self-Absorption. “I found her babbling on the floor in the pouting room repeating the word ‘me.’”

Technicians at the IINDM discovered Ms. Puffery had taken a picture of herself every second for the last four days. 

“The operation was a last resort,” said Emile Lenteur, MD inventor of the Relax-O-Meter™.

He went on to say that CSD patients can be helped by a short course of SCBT (Slow Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and daily hot baths.

Slow News has learned that Ms. Puffery is expected to make a full recovery. Dr. Lenteur has every hope she will be conducting her self-love class again within the next few weeks.