Slow News 2

‘Tis the season for tubbery

Wishing you relief from seriousness.

The Board of Little Effort has postponed its symposium “What to do when the bathwater goes cold” until next year. Botch & Mangle, master plumbers of Dampford, were to give a presentation. But they are currently busy fixing Crumpetworthy Park’s third-floor bathtubbery, again.

Arthur Bing-Chumply is hoping to set a record by staying in his tub until the new year.  Sadly, his most cherished rubber duck will not float. But the Institute’s Rubber Duck Refloatation Task Force is readying itself to act.

Thank you for being one of us,

Yours in slowness,

Office of the Secretary 
International Institute of Not Doing Much 
Crumpetworthy Park 
Rompshire ROM 404B