IINDM Membership

Slowly considering joining the IINDM

We impress upon you the gravity of your decision to become one of us and submit yourself to the slow path to not much. With practice, wisdom, and luck, eventually, you too can slow down enough to achieve not muchness. 

The IINDM confers rights upon its members. But those rights come with responsibilities. Members are expected to set an example by avoiding gratuitous multitasking and should practice minimal effort at all times.

The upkeep of slow standards falls upon the membership committee.

  1. Members must agree not to overdo it.
  2. Members, while not actively ruminating, or considering things, should rest.
  3. If elected to an elevated position at the Institute, the member agrees not to be too snooty.
  4. Members shall take every opportunity to slow down and adopt the Slow Manifesto.
  5. Rompshire residency is not required.