Dave’s Autobody

Dear Arthur:

I ain’t used a typewriter in a while. The computer is bust up and don’t work none on account of it keeps gettin’ wet. Anyhow, here at Dave’s Autobody the guys were no problemo with the suggestions you made for workplace improvement.

When I told ‘em we was gettin’ a clawfoot tub installed out back, they was all for it. They even volunteered to put it in themselves.

I been foreman here for the past twenty year, an’ I never did see ‘em volunteer for nothin’ before. Ken wanted to spray that tub. But Ken always wants to spray every vehicle that comes in here. He has a thing about sprayin’. We said no.

It became pretty clear we needed at least another tub by Tuesday. With each fella spendin’ the full hour in the tub, we weren’t no how gonna get everyone in that tub before we shut up shop and went home.

Wednesday, we install three more of ‘em. Your advice makes sense, and let me tell, you, it’s payin’ dividends. I see the quality of the work go up.
When Frank first came to work with us, oh, that would be about three year ago now, he could beat out a hood pretty good. But he was wild with the hammer. It was costin’ us plenty to replace the widows on the customers’ cars. All he really needed to do was slow down some. It never dawned on us to think of it ourselves. We’re mighty grateful.

With this new hour-in-the-bathtub-at-work plan things have been goin’ pretty well. But I ain’t so sure about the coffee. We been coffee drinkers here at Dave’s Autobody for some twenty-five year, and I don’t care who hears me say it! It’s a thing we been proud of, until now. I don’t know about that tea drink. It’s girly if you ask me.

Dan came back from the store on Thursday (that’s our slow day). He had a large packet of pure Assam tea. Once the fellas tasted it they didn’t want coffee no more.

Apart from that, we got a lot more relaxons in the place. Ted can’t stop playin’ with that Relax-o-meter 9 you sold us. Some of the customers are asking if they can get in the tub if they have to wait. And the paperwork for the International Institute of Not Doing Much seal of approval came through as you said it would. We’re thinkin’ of where to hang it on the wall.

Come on by, we’ll give you a discount. And we’ll keep the water hot for ya!

Slow regards,
Bill, Service Manager
Dave’s Auto Body Shop and Spa