Slow News: April 2021

Character in bathtub by C.P.Richards
Slow News

Dear Member:

Episode 7 of Another World has now arrived.

In other news:

Ms. Simpkins-Willoughby (arrested for talking too fast in public last month) is making excellent progress at the Sisters of Slow Home for the Overenthusiastic. She has one more week of the program.

“We are expecting much slower things from her,” said Gwendolyn Blanket, spokeswoman for the Sisters of the Slow Way.

Members of the Sofa Guild in Dampford can talk of nothing else but the upcoming auction at Bratt & Slappit.  A Zaftig Sofa, 1888, believed by doubters to be only a figment of the imagination, is up for sale! The catalog states there were only two made. The Rompshire County Counsel has hired Barry Plumb of Antiques & Sofa Therapy to determine its authenticity.


Snoot & Snoot Publishers, LLC have signed a contract with Mr. Ken Hopkins, 80, of Gatekeeper’s Lodge, Crumpetworthy Park. Critics as far away as Nitwittington-on-Thames are enthusiastic about his first book of lists: Things I Won’t Do Today.

Remember: If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing slowly.

Yours in slowness,


Office of the Secretary 
International Institute of Not Doing Much
Crumpetworthy Park 
Rompshire ROM 404B