Titanic-Huge Industries

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your recent visit to  Titanic-Huge Industries. The Relax-O-Meter™ is working fine. But the anti-grump button takes some getting used to. I used it on my assistant, Ms. Grouse, and even she is calmer.

It may be your corporate lying-down-after-lunch class that helped. Either way, Ms. Grouse is altogether less like a Rottweiler. You know, she hasn’t barked at anyone in a week!

On Tuesday she even suggested I use her first name, Catastrophe.

As you advised, the new open-door policy for upper-management project is underway. You’ll be glad to know we have already removed the steel plate door from the executive suite.

I am making progress with that feet-up-on-the-desk thing you were showing me. I still have to think about whether it is left ankle over right, or the other way around.

We’re turning Titanic-Huge around. And we’re doing it slowly. Thanks to you and the good people at the IINDM.


Bill “Balloon” Belcher, Jr., President

Colossal City
Big State, 40404, USA