The first hammock

person reading in a hammock

If you’re going to wait around, you might as well be comfortable.

—Zen and the Art of Hammockery

The legend

Legend speaks of two trees in the great primordial forest. Over the centuries, the two trees watched each other grow. They fell in love and stretched out their branches to one another. Their embrace formed the first leafy hammock.

The discovery

Relaxed Man, Frund, discovered the first hammock. He stumbled over a root and landed in it. The gently rocking motion pleased him. He stayed in for a long time. Eventually, his sister Fimpa came to find him.

Her day had not been good. The legend tells of the great grump that was upon her. Eventually, Frund got out and persuaded her to try it.

She got in.

Wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her body and mind. She felt at one with creation. She saw into the nature of Being.  A great heart was opening.

The idea

And that’s when she had her idea.

Frund may have made the discovery, but it was his sister who had her flash of insight. Her “great awaking” revealed to her how to make a hammock.

Each day she drew energy from the Great Hammock. As she lay in deep relaxation, ideas bubbled up about inventing a slow business. So she got out, went home, and worked on her prototype.

People were resistant at first, just as some had laughed at Oog’s wheel. But over time, Fimpa persuaded a few people to try it. Her friend Effa was only expecting to look upon the Great Hammock, not be shoved into it. The effect was immediate.

Effa could never keep a secret. Word got out about the pleasures and insights she experienced.

Soon people clamored for their own hammock. Fimpa’s custom-hammock business took off. And this, in turn, spurred the discipline we have come to know as hammockery, the art, and science of relaxing in a hammock.


Note: Idling level two practical hammockery classes are held every Friday at 2 p.m. on the second floor. Please wear casual clothing.