The discovery of relaxons

Dr. Emile Lenteur was recently awarded the ORDER OF SLOW (OS) by the International Institute of Not Doing Much for his groundbreaking work on discovering relaxons.

Relaxons are invisible particles emitted by people in a deep state of calm and well-being. And these particles have a calming effect on bystanders within a range of ten feet (3.048 meters).

As with many inventions, Dr.Lenteur’s discovery was by accident. He was in the Institute’s comfortableology lab, developing the most comfortable and fully organic living sofa when he first identified relaxons.

“My work looks at optimum environments for plant growth,” said Dr. Lenteur, in a Slow News interview. “Plants generally grow well in the presence of negative ions.” However, he declined to go into detail about the link between negative ions and relaxons.

Dr. Lenteur invented the Relax-O-Meter™, a device for measuring relaxons from over fifty feet (15.24 meters) from the subject.

Picture of relax-o-meter 6
Relax-o-meter 6 with anti-grump

Physicians at the Institute now routinely screen patients with this device as a prelude to recommending appropriate slow therapies. Dr. Lenteur is currently working on trials of the Relax-O-Meter 6 with experimental anti-grump. Anti-grump lowers cortisol, a steroid hormone, which is a natural relaxon blocker.

Trials of the Relax-O-Meter 6 are currently limited to highly stressed corporate executives. But there are hopes for wider production in the future.

The IINDM is an unintentionally non-profit organization and is pinning its hopes on anti-grump being a money maker.