Slow News: April 2020

APRIL 2020

Amanda Gladly
International Institute of Not Doing Much
Crumpetworthy Park

Dear Member:

Our records show we last wrote to you a few months ago, so please forgive the haste with which you received this message. Be assured we’re committed to bringing you some of the finest slow nonsense available today.

Our mission is to give you relief from reality and escape from seriousness, so see what’s new at the International Institute of Not Doing Much.

Our website has been freshly painted and reorganized. We’ve moved, deleted, and rewritten stories, and the work (if you’ll forgive the word) continues.

We’ve revised the new visitor page and our 10 Rules of how to slow down properly. Here’s what’s new:

  1. The RCC (Rompshire County Council) considers legalizing golf.
  2. Clarence Flyte-Brinkly writes to the Mistress of Languid Studies about his insomnia.
  3. Angela Watson learns to be a dictator.

Thank you for being one of us.

Amanda Gladly